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Digital Signature Certificate 

Accubucks Solution is India's leading digital signature supplier. In only a few simple steps, we can deliver a Class 3 DSC and digital signature certificate online registration! 


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Digital Signature Certificate - Overview, Benefits, How to Apply and More!

A Digital Signature Certificate is a secure digital key provided by certifying authority to validate and confirm the identity of the person who holds the certificate. To produce the signatures, digital signatures require public key encryptions.

A digital signature certificate (DSC) includes the user's name, pin code, country, email address, date of certificate issue, and the name of the certifying body.


What is an Online Digital Signature Certificate?

A DSC or ID is another term for a digital signature certificate. To digitally sign official documents, the authority must have a current digital certificate. A digital certificate will be issued by a certificate authority. A Digital Signature Certificate can be purchased or applied for online from third-party certificate authority. Furthermore, many organizations, governments, and enterprises can issue their own certificates. It is necessary to have a dsc registration in order to utilize a digital signature. Digital certificates enable the use of digital signatures.


The digital signature registration certificate is used to identify and validate the identification of anyone who own and use this signature. It can also be used as a secure digital key.

To generate the signatures, public key encryptions are employed in digital signatures. Along with the user's name, the digital signature certificate will include other information such as the pin code email address, the date the certificate was issued, and the name of the certifying authority.

Types of Digital Signature Registration Certificate

Sign DSC:

Only signing papers is authorized with sign DSC. The most typical application is enabling websites to sign PDF files, such as tax returns, MCA, and others. When you sign using DSC, the integrity of both the data and the signer is ensured. It acts as proof of complete and unedited data

Encrypt DSC: 

This form of dsc registration is commonly used to secure a document. It is used to encrypt a document and is used in tender portals to assist firms in uploading their documents.

The certificate might possibly be used to send encrypted, sensitive data. Encrypting DSC is suited for usage in legal documents, e-commerce papers, and distributing documents containing highly private information. The encrypt certificate exists on its own. 

Encrypt and Sign:

The Sign & Encrypt DSC may be used for both signing and encrypting. It is appropriate for users who want to protect the privacy of shared information while also authenticating it. It is used to submit government applications and paperwork.

Benefits of Digital Signature Certificate


The correctness of an individual's personal information is enhanced by DSC.

Cost and time savings:

You can digitally sign PDF files and send them considerably faster than you can physically sign paper copies of papers and scan them to send through email. It is not necessary for a digital signature certificate online holder to be physically present to conduct or authorize business.

Data integrity:

Once signed, digitally signed documents cannot be modified or amended, keeping the data safe and secure. Government agencies regularly request these certificates in order to cross-check and authenticate corporate transactions.

Document authenticity is improved:

In most circumstances, a digitally signed document provides the recipient with more certainty that the signer is genuine.

Digital Signature Certificate - Class 3 DSC Registration

This type of digital signature certificate is mostly used for electronic document filing and tender submission. As the Indian government pushes 'Digital India,' the need for dsc registration grows. Its use may be observed in the filing of income tax returns, EPFO, PF Registration, GST, and e-procurement, among other things. The price of a class 3 DSC for two years is likewise reasonable. DSC registration may be obtained online for RS 499.


We may offer a digital signature certificate (dsc) for signing online in minutes, as opposed to the traditional approach of filing a paper application and providing certified paperwork. The principal functions of Class 3 certifications are as follows:


  • e-Tendering

  • e-filing for patents and trademarks

  • e-filing for MCA

  • filing taxes online

  • Registration of LLP

  • e-filing for customs

  • e-Procurement

  • e-Bidding

  • e-Auction

  • filing a GST application

Purpose of DSC Registration

Increased Security

DSC Registration improves the security of online transactions, lowering the chance of fraud. It adds an extra degree of security, guaranteeing that the data is safe.

Verification of Identity

DSC Registration allows you to verify the identification of the person or organization engaged in the transaction. This feature boosts the trust between the parties concerned.

Legally Accepted

A DSC is a legally recognized form of signature. It is legally equivalent to a handwritten signature. It secures the electronic document's validity and integrity and can be used as evidence in court.

Saving Time and Money

DSC Registration enables users to electronically sign documents, saving substantial time and money over paper-based signatures.

Efficiency in Business

Businesses can simplify their processes by registering for a DSC. The ability to digitally sign papers speeds up procedures, eliminates paperwork, and improves overall efficiency.

Importance of DSC

Priority for safety

DSC places a premium on safety. The possibility of certificate duplication is essentially non-existent in digital form. Unlike manual signatures, the digital certificate is unchangeable and cannot be replicated. A unique password guarantees that only the holder may access their signature, verifying the documents' legitimacy.

Legal Status

DSC-signed documents are legally binding. In court, they are equivalent to written signatures. They are required for many registrations, such as company, intellectual property, and food permits. As a result, using a digital signature certificate to validate uploaded documents is critical.

Tool for Saving Time

Physical presence for signing is not required with DSC, which reduces delays. Sign vital papers from anywhere in the world, saving time.

Process Improvements

Traditional paperwork may be time-consuming. However, DSC integration enables customers to complete these duties from the comfort of their own homes. All in one location to review, print, and sign.

Efficiency in Business

DSC results in greater efficiency. Improvements in time and security imply less signing and more working.


More than just time is saved with digital signature certificates. They saved money on ink, paper, printing, scanning, shipping, and travel. Save money and resources by using DSC.

Who Can Apply for DSC Registration in India?

The registration of Digital Signature Certificates on the official MCA portal is limited to a certain number of people. Only the following entities are eligible to submit DSC applications:


  • Company executives

  • Certified Public Accountants

  • ICAI, ICSI, and ICWAI members

  • Working professionals

  • Businesses' authorized representatives

  • IEPF Nodal and Deputy Nodal Officers

Who Requires a Digital Signature?

Obtaining a Class 3 digital signature is necessary in the following situations:
Every registered trust, partnership company, business, and other entity or person subject to a tax audit under the Income Tax Act is required to electronically file their income tax returns.

According to MCA, the following individuals must utilize digital signatures:


  • Firms who have filed with MCA21 (Ministry of Corporate Affairs)

  • Directors

  • Auditors

  • Secretaries to corporations

  • Bank officials

  • Additional authorized signatories

Three Types of Class 3 Digital Signature Certificate Users 

User Type 1: Individual DSC is the first type of user.

Individuals employ this form of DSC. The authorized individual adds a Digital signature certificate (dsc) for online signing to electronic paperwork. It ensures the secrecy and authenticity of papers transmitted electronically. The DSC stamp appears on all papers posted to the Ministry of Corporate Affairs (MCA) webpage. DSC is used to authenticate online transactions such as LLP formation, income tax e-filing, and firm formation.

User Type 2:  Organizational DSC

Businesses, non-profit organizations, trusts, and government institutions all require the Organizational DSC. It includes the applicant's name, the organization's name, and information about both the applicant and the organization. This grants the user the right to act on behalf of an organization. A DSC is provided to authorize a signatory of any organization. The most secure digital signature is a class 3 digital signature, which contains a certificate for both encryption and signing. A signature certificate is used to sign a document, and an encryption certificate is used to encrypt data.

User Type 3: DGFT DSC is the third user type.

A class 3 digital signature certificate is available online for any organization seeking an import export license. A representative or a signing authority submits all of these applications.

Because DSCs are recognized by the DGFT portals' legal system, all papers signed with them are handled the same as those signed physically. One might also gain the benefits of the Indian Information Technology Act of 2000.

Only issued by the firm if a signing certificate is provided. It comes into play when the DGFT portal requests a digital signature registration in an electronic format for web browser transactions.

Steps Involved in Applying for a Digital Signature Certificate (DSC) for Online 

Accubucks Solution professionals will assist you with completing your online DSC registration in three simple steps: 

Step 1: Reach out to our specialists

After you contact us, we will collect all of your basic information, including your name, gender, address, nationality, country, email address, cellphone number, and the DSC use type you are asking.

It may be utilized for personal reasons, overseas commerce, e-tenders, ITR filing, MCA e-filing, GST filing, and other things. In addition, we will assist you in selecting the suitable class and completing the form.

Step 2: Finish the online documentation

All necessary papers, such as a PAN card, address verification, and a passport, will be obtained and submitted for examination with the relevant attestation.

Step 3: Register Your Digital Signature

After receiving payment and comparing the information to the PAN card displayed on the income tax site, we will authenticate your paperwork in two ways:

video recording Your registered cellphone number and email address will be used to send you a video link where you must record and transmit your personal data (name, DOB, etc.).

In response to the SMS containing the DSC application ID and a mobile number, provide your DSC application ID, name, cellphone number, and email address.
After verification is complete, we will deliver your USB token, which is a physical password-protected device containing your digital signature, together with your digital signature certificate.

Renewal of a Digital Signature Certificate Online

When an organization's Digital Signature Certificate expires, or if the organization wishes to renew its digital signature online, it must submit a request for renewal or modification to the accubucks solution. Our professionals will process your request for DSC Signature Certificate renewal and keep you updated throughout the process. 


Documents Required for Digital Signature Certificate Online:

  • Address proof

  • Photo ID proof

  • Submission of a DSC duly filled application form by the applicant


FAQs on Digital Signature Certificate Online:

Question: Who is authorized to issue a digital signature certificate over the internet?
Answer: The Office of the Controller of Certifying Authorities (CCA) (CAs) only issues certifications to Certifying Authorities. CAs issue Digital Signature Certificates to end-users.

Question: Is it possible to obtain a DSC registration for free?

Answer: If you are ready to invest around Rs 750 for a USB token to keep it, you may also receive a digital signature certificate for free by visiting websites like Free DSC.

Question: Is it possible to have a set amount of DSC Registrations?

Answer: A single individual can utilize a single digital signature certificate for both professional and personal activities.

Question: What is the validity period of a Digital Signature Certificate (DSC) for online signing?

Answer: DSCs typically have a one-year or two-year validity period. These are renewed when the initial issuing term expires. 

Question: What is the purpose of DSC Registration?

Answer: When digitally signing computer papers and agreements, a Digital Signature Certificate (DSC) is required to ensure the authenticity, integrity, and privacy of the data.

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