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Change Company Name Online

With MCA compliance, you can change the name of your firm. The service covers a search for name availability, name approval, and full documentation. We prepare and file applications for approval of business name changes with the registrar of companies.


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Lear how to Change Company Name! Procedure, Documents and more

Sometimes the name of your company just doesn't seem right or works well for your business; or perhaps you need to alter the name of your firm to disassociate yourself from a negative connotation. In this case, you can alter the name of your firm to something more appropriate for your future ambitions. While choosing a new name may appear to be a simple undertaking, the legal procedure of changing your company's name is time-consuming.

That is why Accubucks Solution has developed this solution to make the transition easier for you. We have streamlined the procedure as much as possible and will handle the majority of the responsibilities for you.

Change Company Name

What does Change in company name means?

Memorandum of Association and Articles of Association must be changed. A business may change its name under the Companies Act 2013 by passing a special resolution at the general meeting and gaining clearance from the Registrar of Companies (RoC) and the Central Government.

However, changing a firm's name does not result in the formation of a new corporation or organization. The existing business will continue to operate under the new name. As a result, the following will not be affected by the corporate name change:

  • The company's rights or duties

  • Any legal action taken by or against the corporation

Reasons for Changing the Name of a Company

For a variety of reasons, a firm may decide to alter its name. Some of the most prevalent explanations are as follows:

Change of name voluntarily

The corporate board may freely modify the company name. It is permissible to alter the business name freely if all of the prerequisites are met.

Changes in commercial activity

When a company's business operations change, the board of directors may opt to alter the name. It may alter the name to reflect the inclusion of new or existing business items. In such cases, the corporation should amend its Memorandum of Articles to reflect the change in its primary purpose.

For marketing or rebranding purposes

A company's name might be changed for marketing purposes or to better position the company's brand. It may also update the name to reflect current fashion and trends in order to improve brand positioning. When a business is preparing to enter a new market, it may alter its name in order to reposition its brand.

Transfer of ownership

Typically, when a firm's ownership changes or an entity takes over the company, the company name changes to represent the authority of the new management and for branding considerations.

Stay away from IPR concerns.

A company's name may be changed to strengthen its trademark or copyright in its name. Similarly, to avoid an IPR problem, the firm might alter its name. 

Observance of RoC directives

Following a complaint made by another firm claiming primacy of use of the name or trademark, the RoC might issue an order mandating the change in the company name. In this instance, the firm must alter its name.

Process of Changing Company Name:

The following is a step-by-step procedure for altering the name of a private limited company: 

Step 1: Approval of a Board Resolution

A board meeting will be held, and a resolution to alter the company's name will be passed. The board of directors should approve the new name and authorize either a director or a company secretary (CS) to check the MCA for availability.

Step 2: Determine Name Availability

The authorized person should submit a form INC-1 to the MCA to check the availability of the desired name. You may also conduct a search using this link. It is critical to do a trademark search for the suggested name.

It is recommended that you pick four to five business names before verifying availability to ensure that these names are not already taken or in use.

Step 3: Passing of a Special Resolution

Once the new name's availability is confirmed, the corporation should call an extraordinary general meeting (EGM). A special resolution will be approved to alter the name and make the necessary amendments to the AoA and MoA.

Step 4: Submit an application to the Registrar

The special resolution will be presented to the RoC within 30 days after its passage, together with the form MGT-14, which will contain the special resolution's information.

Form INC-24, together with the required fee, must be filed with RoC within 30 days of submitting the MGT-14. This is essential in order to acquire central government authorisation to change the name. Certain documentation must also be submitted with these two forms.

Step 5: The Certificate of Incorporation is issued

After reviewing the application and supporting papers, the RoC will issue a new certificate of incorporation reflecting the name change.

This is a condensed version of the entire procedure. Our Accubucks solution experts will do all of the drafting, form filling, and submitting for you to make this procedure as simple as possible.


Documents Required for Change of Company Name:

  • Certificate of Incorporation

  • Altered MOA and AOA

  • List of shareholders and directors

  • Digital Signature of the authorised director

  • Proof of registered business address

Timeline for Company Name Change

Considering it requires many departmental permissions, changing the firm name takes around 10 to 15 working days.

Compliances After Change of Company Name

  • Change the company's name in the Memorandum and Articles of Association.

  • To receive approval for the name change, submit Form INC-24 to the Ministry of Corporate Affairs (MCA).

  • Change the name of the firm on all legal papers, such as bank accounts, contracts, and licenses.

  • Notify all stakeholders, including customers, suppliers, and employees, of the name change.

  • Change the name of the firm on its website, social media sites, and marketing materials.

Following a Company Name Change, What Should You Do?

  • Ascertain that all of the company's records and documentation have been changed to reflect the new name.

  • Check the company's credit report to check that the name change is appropriately displayed

  • Prepare to respond to any queries or concerns that stakeholders may have regarding the name change.

Choose Accubucks Solution for Business Name Change! 

  • Simple and quick procedure

  • Our team will look into the availability of your suggested name.

  • We will design a resolution and fill out and file documents for you. We will update your MoA and AoA.

  • You got the greatest assistance.

  • All of your questions will be addressed.


FAQs on Change company name services

Question: Will the PAN Number be altered?
Answer: No, the PAN Number will not change if the company's name is altered. The PAN Number is a one-of-a-kind identifying number granted to a business by the Income Tax Department. It has nothing to do with the company's name.

Question: Is the entire procedure done online?

Answer: Yes, changing the name of a business may be done entirely online. The RoC offers a site called MCA e-Form 3 where you may submit all of the required papers and documentation. 

Question: What are a company's articles of incorporation?

Answer: The articles of association (AoA) are a legal document that talks about the company's internal administration and strives to carry out the objectives stated in the memorandum.

Question: Can two businesses have the same name?

Answer: No, two businesses cannot share the same name. A firm's name must be unique and cannot be registered by another corporation.

Question: What are a company's articles of incorporation?

Answer: The articles of association (AoA) are a legal document that talks about the company's internal administration and strives to carry out the objectives stated in the memorandum.

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